Human pathology has been known as one of the “keystones” of medicine and deals in the scientific study of the overall response of the human body to any foreign influence, such as disease, including its causes and progression.

It is a common practice in medicine that nearly every patient at some point has dealt with the pathology services. Most patients who suffer from some disease are advised to go for various tests related to a blood, stool, urine or tissue sample. These samples are collected and analyzed at various levels from a pathology technician, pathology or clinical scientist, and pathologist as per their qualifications and expertise. All above tests are performed to confirm abnormalities within samples, and a final report is prepared by the pathologist to help a physician with the early detection of potentially fatal conditions.

Pathology plays an important role in many kinds of research, such as finding treatments for various cancers and inherited conditions, development of vaccines against infectious diseases or allowing a safe blood transfusion.

According to an area of specialization, pathology has mainly four specialties such as:

  • Haematology – the study of blood abnormalities or disorders
  • Chemical pathology – the study of chemicals or drugs in the blood and other fluids
  • Histopathology – the study of disease or infection in human tissue or cells
  • Medical microbiology – the study of human infection

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