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Semen bank in Amritsar

What is Semen Banking?
A sperm bank is also referred to as a Cryobank that offers a facility to collect, freeze, and store human sperm. The procured samples of sperm at a sperm bank are either donated by male partners who want to preserve their sperms for future use or by couples seeking sperm donations for IVF or other artificial insemination procedures. The basic purpose of semen banking or cryopreserving semen is to ensure the possibility of pregnancy in the future. It is particularly beneficial for those males who have gained advanced reproductive age, and are involved in some hazardous occupation or will undergo major surgery having a life risk or permanent sterilization or genetic damage.

How does sperm banking function?
Sperm banking has now become more convenient and affordable due to the latest and advanced technologies. Various procedures to procure and storage of sperm are usually performed by a specialized team of sperm banking as stated below;

  • First of all, a man has to visit a clinic having sperm bank facility and provide a semen sample. He is provided with a private room with magazines to collect a sample. He can also collect his semen sample in the FDA-approved home kit in the privacy of his own home without any anxiety and stress, and then send this sample to a semen bank for storage.
  • After collection of the sperm sample, the sperm bank will perform a thorough analysis of the sample to measure sperm count and motility, in addition to screening for sexually transmitted diseases and other infections.
  • Once testing is over, a sperm sample is transferred into a specially designed vial, and a cryopreservative solution is added to preserve the quality and health of the sperm during freezing and thawing.
  • A vial is placed in the freezer, and then the temperature is gradually decreased to maintain the below freezing point.

Can a man donate his sperm?
Now a day, donated sperm is in huge demand, which is sold to many infertile couples undergoing ART. A potential sperm donor has to go through various health screenings and tests, usually performed by the infertility clinics having sperm bank facility without any cost. Therefore, a semen bank provides a good opportunity for men to earn a good sum of money besides helping other infertile couples to achieve their dreams of becoming happy parents.

Is it safe to use the frozen sperm sample for future use?
Of course yes!
By using advanced technologies, a sperm sample can be kept frozen for many years. Moreover, a frozen sample can be successfully used for a healthy pregnancy and does not increase the risk of birth defects.

While you are choosing an infertility clinic with sperm banking facilities, always make sure they will remain in business for many years to come so that you can store your sperm safely for longer periods.

Also, when you wish to withdraw your sperm sample for use, then you must notify and request the respective sperm banking facility to ship the sample to your physician or clinic.

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