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Worldwide, Hysterectomy is one of the most commonly performed gynaecological surgeries. ‘Hysterectomy’ is known as the surgical removal of the uterus and usually performed by a skilled gynecologist.

It can be partial or complete; in a partial hysterectomy, the uterine body is removed while leaving the cervix intact. During a complete hysterectomy, both fundus and cervix are removed from the uterus.

What is a non-descent vaginal hysterectomy (NDVH)?

  • NDVH is a very simple to perform procedure, usually performed when there is enough vaginal space, uterus normal sized and the patient does not require BSO (bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy). In benign cases of the uterus, NDVH is mostly preferred over laparoscopic hysterectomy where extensive pelvic incisions are not required.
  • NDVH is completely performed through the vaginal canal and is preferred over any other type of uterus removal surgery. It has various distinct benefits over abdominal surgery such as lesser risks and complications, shorter hospital stays and healing time.

What are the conditions for execution of NDVH?

NDVH should be performed for sure whenever;

  • The uterine fibroids have swollen up and bleeding heavily.
  • A patient who is suffering from an intense pelvic pain along with heavy periods.
  • The occurrence of cancer in the cervix, ovaries or uterus.

Are there any post-surgical risks and complications involved?

  • Once NDVH procedure is performed, a woman will not able to conceive a baby for the lifetime.
  • A patient may have to stay for 1-3 days depending on the pain or severity.
  • After this surgery, a surgical menopause may occur as the estrogen level falls down completely in the woman body.
  • Urinary incontinency may happen that causes the woman stay indoor to avoid embarrassment.
  • There can be increased risk of cancer in the renal system.
  • Due to a lot of hormonal effects, some behavioral and other abnormal issues may occur in a woman.

What are the benefits associated with NDVH?

  • NDVH is a simple and very easy to perform surgery and it does not take much time as compared other surgeries.
  • The recovery in a woman on whom NDVH is performed is also faster compared to other surgeries, moreover patient can go back to her home the very first day of surgery.
  • As already stated above NDVH has distinct benefits over abdominal surgery, where extensive pelvic incisions are not required.
  • An abdominal surgery leaves a lot of stretch marks and may take much longer time for recovery, but this is not the case with NDVH.

For more information and a query related to Hysterectomy, consult with our experienced Gynecologists and Surgeons at Shah Hospital.