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Help Getting pregnant

Help Getting pregnant

The problem with Infertility
The emotional impact of infertility creates problems not only for the infertile couple but for their family, friends and co-workers.
Friends and family & co-workers have a hard time helping the infertile couple because they do not understand the emotional impact it has. From the shocking diagnosis to demanding treatment to the disruption of their day to day life’s.
The issue list:
Profound sense of loss

  • Loss of Self-esteem.
  • Loss of Status.
  • Loss of Important fantasy.
  • Loss of Security
  • Loss of Health & Body Image.
  • Loss of Control.
  • Loss of a Relationship.
  • Loss of Someone to symbolize value

How Friends and family can help:

Most infertile men and women become enraged over these multiple losses. They are upset about other people’s insensitivities, tired of treatments, live in fear of treatments falling and wounded by infertility that has invaded every aspect of their lives.

1. Admit that there is a Problem:
Clarify your own feelings about treatment & family building options. Accept their decisions. Ask how they are doing. If they do not elaborate, do not question them further. Be prepared for changes in the relationship.
2. Educate and inform Yourself:
Read up on and understand the diagnosis, stats, procedure & the emotions involved. This will help you understand and empathize. Never offer advise like “just relax “or “just adopt”. Create a safe space to talk if they want or need to.
3. Listen:
Do not be afraid of their depression, grief, anger and guilt. Create a non-judgmental
And safe space to talk if they want to. They may sound like a stuck record but remember that they are processing grief cycle. Ask them how you can support them best.

Who can look for IVF treatment?
There are IVF & Infertility Treatment Ludhiana (including centre for in vitro fertilisation) that offer this treatment to couples who are facing difficulty in conceiving.

Couples can look for this treatment option under following conditions-

  • If female partner is suffering from endometriosis or if there is some problem in her fallopian tubes and uterus.
  • If the process of ovulation is not taking place in women.
  • If male partner has low sperm count.
  • If sperms are unable to penetrate and survive in cervical mucus.

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